No. 352.
Mr. Biddle to Mr. Fish.

No. 129.]

Sir: I have the honor to transmit to you herewith an official copy of a “memorial,” presented to the national constituent assembly by the acting minister for foreign affairs, the Licentiate Don Manuel Caceres, dated the 3d of February last.

It succinctly presents the existing relations between Salvador and other nations, stating that, the republic having observed all the laws of nations and treaty obligations, that the most perfect peace and friendship exists with all countries, and that new treaties have been negotiated to strengthen these bonds and to promote the general prosperity.

That the best relations exist with the other Central American republics; and after specifying the cordial understanding with the governments of Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, and Costa Rica, and being especially congratulatory upon the liberal policy of the states of Honduras and Guatemala, thus proceeds:

“The accord which exists between the five republics is an indication that at no distant epoch the great idea of a national union may be realized.”

The paper alludes to the “circular of the United States of Colombia in favor of the Cuban patriots, who with equal perseverance and heroism strive to conquer their independence,” and expresses the cordial concurrence of the Salvadorean government with the proposition.

The document concludes with a summary of the satisfactory condition of their foreign relations, and of the organization of their diplomatic and consular corps.

I have, &c.,