No. 347.
Mr. Biddle to Mr. Fish.

No. 113.]

Sir: Referring to the subject of my dispatch No. 111, I have the honor to inform you of the arrival, at the port of La Libertad, in this state, of Her Majesty’s ship Reindeer, Commander W. R. Kennedy.

This officer addressed me a communication, as by inclosure No. 1, generously offering me and my family refuge from existing peril on board of his vessel.

I replied, as by inclosure No. 2, expressing high appreciation of his kind proffer, but stating that as my family were in security at this hour, I felt that duty called me to my post.

Such friendly action as this of Captain Kennedy produces the happiest result, and begets feelings of brotherhood between kindred peoples.

I have, &c.,

[Inclosure 1.]

Commander Kennedy to Mr. Biddle


Dear Sir: I have just come up here to see if I can be of any use to you or any one. Pray let me know if such is the case. I will take you and your family to Panama if you like.

Commander, Royal Navy.
[Inclosure 2.]

Mr. Biddle to Commander Kennedy

My Dear Captain: I have received with extreme gratification your hospitable proffer of Her Majesty’s ship Reindeer as a refuge from the existing peril.

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As my family are now sheltered from danger, I believe it to be my duty to remain at my post, but cordially tender to you my grateful thanks for this noble tender of material assistance from a kindred nationality, Which my Government will appreciate.

I have, &c.,

  • Commander R. W. Kennedy, R. N.,
    H. M. S. Reindeer.