No. 9.]

My Lord: With reference to your lordship’s dispatch, marked circular, of the 11th of August, as to the Swedish law on the subject of the children of alien parents born in Swedish dominions, I have the honor to inclose herewith copy of a note which I have received from the Spanish minister for foreign affairs, wherein he informs me that there is no provision in the Swedish fundamental law or in the civil code on this subject, neither does there exist any special stipulation as to the nationality of children born in Swedish dominions of alien parents.

It is generally received, however, as expressed in Count Wachtmeister’s note inclosed, that the nationality of the children is noways affected by the place of their birth, but by the nationality of their parents, and notably of their father.

I have, &c.,


The Lord Stanley, M. P., &c.

Sir: In reply to your note of the 18th ultimo, I have the honor to inform you that there is not in the fundamental laws, nor in the civil code, nor even in a special ordinance, a stipulation respecting the nationality of a child born in Sweden of foreign parents. Nevertheless, the opinion has always been held that nationality does not at all depend on the place of birth, but on the nationality of the parents. Consequently the children of foreign subjects do not, from the fact of being born in Sweden, enjoy fuller or other rights than those accorded to every foreigner.

Accept, sir, &c.,


Mr. Pakenham, &c.