No. 338.
Mr. Orr to Mr. Fish.

No. 2.]

Sir: At my interview on Monday last with Prince Gortchacow, after saying that he had no doubt our intercourse would be such as to maintain pleasant relations between the two countries in future, Prince Gortchacow then referred to Mr. Schuyler, and said that his relations to the government had always been most cordial and satisfactory, and the government had been much pleased with the manner he had performed his duties. The prince added that he would be glad if these words were repeated to our Government.

I felt it due to Mr. Schuyler, as he has been acting here for several months as chargé d’affaires, with all the responsibilities of the mission upon him, that I should communicate in this dispatch the foregoing appreciation of his services by the minister of foreign affairs here.

I have, &c.,