Mr. Smithers to Mr. Hunter.
No. 160.]

Sir: I have the honor to acknowledge the receipt of dispatch No. 69 of the Department, dated September 14, in reply to mine of August 17, 1872, relative to the case of Hubert P. M. Reggio.

My refusal to register Mr. Reggio as a citizen of the United States, upon the presentation of a citizen’s passport, was based upon the knowledge that for six or seven years past he had been domiciled at Smyrna, carrying on the business of a merchant. It was also known to me that before leaving for the United States, in May last, Mr. Reggio produced at this consulate an Italian passport, for the purpose of having it viséd, and was informed by the clerk that this formality was unnecessary unless he specially desired it.

It seemed to me, therefore, that the naturalization certificate of Mr. Reggio must have been improperly obtained, and that it was my duty to refer the case to the Department for its investigation and instruction.

Upon receipt of the Hon. C. Hale’s dispatch, above referred to, informing me that the passport of Mr. Reggio was believed to have been duly issued upon proof of his naturalization, June 14, 1872, in the circuit court of the United States at Boston, I immediately addressed a letter to Mr. Reggio, copy of which, marked No, 1, is herewith inclosed inviting him to appear before me and make answer to the interrogatories therein contained. I herewith inclose copy of his written reply, marked No. 2.

This evidence confirms the verbal statement previously made to me by Mr. Reggio, namely, that at the time of his first arrival in the United States he was a minor that his declaration of intention was made during his minority; that he left the United States before he reached his majority, to return to Smyrna, with the evident intention of permanently locating there, and that he resided here till May last, when he went to the United States, and obtained his naturalization and the passport above referred to.

In view of the requirements of the acts of Congress regarding the naturalization of aliens, as well as the instructions contained in paragraphs 110 and 111 of the Consular Regulations, I respectfully submit to the Department whether Hubert P. M. Reggio is entitled to registration by me as a naturalized citizen of the United States.

I have, &c.,

United States Consul.
Mr. Smithers to Mr. Reggio.

Sir: With a view of ascertaining whether or not you are entitled to protection of this consulate, as a naturalized citizen of the United States, I have to ask that you will appear at this consulate on or before Thursday next to reply to the following interrogatories, viz:

What is your age?
Where were you born, and what was the nationality of your parents?
Where did you reside before going to the United States?
When did you first arrive in the United States?
When did you leave the United States for the first time and return to Smyrna?
How long have you been residing at Smyrna since your return, and under what protection have you been?
When did you establish your firm of Reggio & Belhomme?
When did you go to the United States and obtain your naturalization?

I am, &c.,

United States Consul.
Mr. Reggio to Mr. Smithers.

Sir: I have duly received your honored note of the 15th instant, and beg to say, in reply, that some family interests calling me away from town, I am unable to appear at the consulate on Thursday next.

I will endeavor to answer the several questions you wish me to to the best of my recollection.

I am twenty-seven years old.

I was born in Smyrna, and my parents, who were likewise born in the same city, were under the Sardinian protection. Before going to the United States I resided in Smyrna.

I first arrived in the United States in the year 1862, (or 1863,) and took my first naturalization papers.

I first left the United States for Smyrna at the end of 1866. I have been residing in Smyrna ever since.

I carry on business under the French protection, my partner being a Frenchman, and all my interests have been protected up to this day by the French consulate. When I last left Smyrna for the United States I was compelled to take an Italian passport.

The firm of Reggio and Belhomme was established on the 1st day of December, 1866.

I went to the United States and obtained my first papers of naturalization in May or June last.

I remain, &c.,