Mr. Fish to Mr. Boker.
No. 15.]

Sir: The dispatch without number addressed to this Department by Mr. Brown, chargé d’affaires at Constantinople, under date of 29th of February, has been received.

It acknowledges the receipt of the Circular Instruction No. 16, on the subject of passports and citizenship.

Mr. Brown reports the case of Mr. Joseph Paul Hamson, who is said to be in possession of a passport, issued by the legation at London, in 1858, which is not accepted by the legation at Constantinople, because Mr. Hamson has not papers of naturalization. It is desirable that a more exact report should be made to this Department of the facts in this case.

Mr. Brown next mentions the case of Mr. Gunster, who, he states, is not a native of the United States, nor of American parentage, and has never been in the United States. Under circumstances thus described, Mr. Gunster, of course, cannot be recognized as a citizen of the United States.” It is understood from your dispatch No. 3, under date of 12th March, that he has absconded.

Mr. Brown next mentions the case of Mr. Aristahis Azarian. Record has been found in this Department of the passport, No, 6696, issued to Mm under date of 6th January, 1855. If, however, Mr. Azarian is an Ottoman subject by birth, and has made his domicile of late years in Constantinople, his case would appear to come within the rules of the circular from the Department of October 14, 1869.

Mr. Brown next mentions the case of Mr. James Azarian. Record of the passport, said to have been issued to him by this. Department, has not been found, but as the date and number are not mentioned in Mr. Brown’s dispatch, it is quite possible that such a passport may have been issued at some time. The case appears to be governed by the rule just now mentioned for the case of Mr. Aristahis Azarian.

In withdrawing from these persons, or either of them, recognition of their American citizenship, you will be careful to give them due notice, so that they need suffer no unnecessary inconvenience.

I am, &c.,