Mr. Fish to Mr. Beardsley.
No. 55.]

Sir: Your dispatch No. 76, of the 24th ultimo, relative to the case of Leopold Ungar, has been received. In reply I have to state that, supposing him to have been duly naturalized, it is manifest, from the facts which you state, that as he has never discharged any duty of a citizen of the United States, and probably lived abroad during the whole of the late civil war, he has morally if not legally forfeited all claim to interference in his behalf by this Government.

If, however, he should be charged with an offense against Prussian law for which his extradition for trial in Prussia may be granted, as our [Page 1311] treaty with Prussia as well as that with Great Britain does not exempt us from surrendering even native citizens who, in such cases, may seek refuge at home, we cannot properly object to the giving up of Ungar by the government of a foreign country. Your course on the occasion is approved.

I am, &c.,