No. 494.
Mr. Pile to Mr. Fish.

No. 88.]

Sir: The steamer Ariel, that left New York the 5th instant, arrived at La Guayra yesterday, and her mail was received here at a late hour last night. The Ariel leaves again for the United States this afternoon, so that correspondence for that vessel must leave this city by this morning’s mail.

I hurriedly inform the Department that since my dispatches Nos. 81 and 85 were written, the Congress of Colombia has denied President Murillo permission to hold the proposed interview with President Guzman Blanco at Baranquillo. As soon as the Venezuela government was informed of this, the Colombian minister was informed that diplomatic relations between the two governments were suspended. Mr. Galindo accordingly left here Monday, the 23d instant. These facts are quite important, and would render certain measures for the collection of claims against this government, of which mention was made in personal conference when I was in Washington, much more effective and less difficult of execution than was then thought.

The extra session of Congress has adjourned. Their final action has not been communicated to me, and my information as to the exact nature of that action is not definite and positive; but as near as I can learn the committee of which I spoke in dispatch No. 85 made an elaborate report in reference to the proceedings and findings of the mixed commission, abounding in the usual charges and Spanish rhetoric, and recommended the passage of a resolution authorizing the President to propose to the United States to submit the question as to whether there should be a revision or not to the friendly decision of either England, France, or Russia. This resolution passed.

I will be able to give the Department full information by the mail via St. Thomas, due at New York July 20.

I am, &c.,