No. 457.
Mr. Boker to Mr. Fish.

No. 93.]

Sir: I have the honor to report that, owing to the increasing scarcity of Arab horses in certain parts of the Ottoman empire, the Sublime Porte, by a decree, communicated April 9, 1873, has forbidden the exportation of horses of all breeds from the vilayets of Bagdad, of Syria, [Page 1110] and of Aleppo, for the next seven years, dating from the day of the promulgation of the order.

On account of the late bad harvests, and consequent suffering for want of food in the Black Sea provinces of the empire, the Sublime Porte has issued a decree, which was communicated April 12, 1873, interdicting the exportation of all kinds of cereals from the districts of Roustchouk and of Vidin for the next three months, beginning from the above date.

As the above regulations may be of interest to some of the citizens of the United States, the Sublime Porte requests that the decrees may be given publicity in our country.

I have, &c.,