No. 444.
Mr. Upton to Mr. Fish.

No. 4.]

Sir: Yesterday evening I had the pleasure of delivering to Mr. Staempfli, at his house, (the time and place having been previously fixed by him,) the service of silver sent by you to be presented to him as a testimonial of the appreciation of the United States of America, and as an expression of the President’s deep sense of the ability and impartiality with which he discharged his arduous duties as a member of the tribunal of arbitration at Geneva. I read, and afterward handed to Mr. Staempfli, a copy in the French language of the message which Mr. Rublee was instructed to deliver with the testimonial, which he received with thanks.

Mr. Staempfli’s family was present on the occasion, and so soon as the brief ceremony was over the ladies busied themselves with evident delight in taking the various articles from the cases and in arranging them upon the tables.

I am, &c.,

Chargé d’Affaires, ad interim.