No. 34.
Mr. Partridge to Mr. Fish.

No. 98.]

Sir: The Brazilian chambers have not yet, after three months’ session, and during the summer-heats, got through with the discussion of [Page 95] the reply to the speech from the throne. The vote on this amounts usually to a vote of confidence in the ministry. Numerous changes of opinion among the deputies, and even of senators, are announced; and the discussion of a new fundamental law, or rather amendment to their constitution, making all elections direct by the people, (instead of through electoral colleges,) is said to show still further changes, and a majority even of senators in its favor.

The Viscount Rio Branco, president of the council, who is supposed also to represent the wishes of the Emperor, is opposed to this change. From the journals, and the position of those senators and deputies who advocate it, this change seems to be called for by the country, the scenes at the late general elections in August having called attention to great abuses.

I regret to say that the yellow fever is very prevalent at Rio, where there has been no rain for some weeks; and even in this place heat quite unusual, (85°) has prevailed.

I am, &c.,