No. 33.
Mr. Partridge to Mr. Fish.

No. 96.]

Sir: An English steamer to New York, direct, enables me to inform you that on the 28th January there was a change, or rather modification, in the Brazilian ministry. Mr. Barreto, the minister of agriculture, gives place to Mr. Costa Pereira, both being conservatives. The Councillor Correia, minister of foreign affairs, retires, and Viscount de Caravellas succeeds him. The new minister is a senator, was formerly member of a liberal ministry, and has always been considered, and is still called, a liberal, although as senator he opposed the emancipation act of September, 1871.

The present ministry is conservative, yet upheld and enacted that law.

* * * * * * *

The President’s message to Congress has been very favorably commented on here. They are especially pleased with the interest manifested in the settlement of the difficulty between Brazil and the Argentines, and with his approval of the recommendation by the Postmaster-General for a semi-monthly postal service between the United States and Brazil.

I have, &c.,