No. 268.
Mr. Nelson to Mr. Fish.

No. 642.]

Sir: Referring to my No. 616, of the 24th ultimo, with which I inclosed a copy of a note, thanking the government of Mexico for the friendly deportment of its military officers on the Rio Grande frontier, I have the honor to inclose a translation of Mr. Lafragua’s reply, dated the 19th instant, in which he assures me of the earnest desire of his government to remove all motives of complaint upon that frontier.

I have, &c.,


Mr. Lafragua to Mr. Nelson.

Sir: I have the pleasure of informing your excellency, in reply to your note dated the 24th ultimo, that this government is gratified to learn that the conduct of its military commanders on the frontier has attracted the attention of the Government of the United States, on account of their satisfactory deportment and the friendly sentiments which they have inspired among the American authorities.

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It is my duty to add that this course of conduct and this friendly deportment toward the United States have been the genuine expression of the sentiments of the supreme government of the republic of Mexico, desirous as it is to prevent all motives of complaint, and to cultivate and foster, in all sincerity, the friendly and cordial relations which happily exist between the two countries.

I improve this opportunity to renew to your excellency the assurance of my very high and distinguished consideration.