[470] *Mr. Perry, United States chargé d’affaires, to Mr. Benavides, minister of foreign affairs.

Sir: I have the honor to inclose copy of a dispatch received from the consul of the United States at Liverpool, which informs me that about thirty men, formerly belonging to the pirate-ship Florida, engaged in the military service of the rebel faction now in insurrection in the United States,’ are, or soon will be, on their way to join the iron-clad vessel Stonewall now at anchor at the port of Ferrol. For this purpose it was supposed they would be sent by steamer from Calais to some port in Spain, but it is also very possible that they may proceed by land from that place to Ferrol.

[471] In laying these facts before your excellency I have to beg that the proper orders be issued to Her Majesty’s authorities on the frontiers of France and Portugal, and at all the ports on the Atlantic coast, not to permit the entrance into Spain of these men in the military service of the so-called Confederate States for the purpose of joining the armed expedition preparing aboard the Stonewall to make war upon the United States, but to impede their journey in that direction, and separate them effectually from that port. I beg also that renewed orders may be given to the authorities at Ferrol, in view of these facts, to prevent by every means in the power of Her Majesty’s government the joining of more men to *this armed expedition aboard the steamer Stonewall, whether they present themselves singly or in bands, coming by sea or land to that port.

And I avail myself of this occasion to renew to your excellency the assurance of my most distinguished consideration.


His Excellency the Minister of State of Her Catholic Majesty.