No. 25.
Earl Granville to Mr. Thornton.

[From British Blue Book North America, No. 9, (1872,) p. 4.]

Sir: With reference to my dispatch of the 29th ultimo, I transmit to you herewith copies of a further private letter to General Schenck, and its inclosure.

I am, &c.,

[Inclosure 1.]

Earl Granville to General Schenck.


My Dear General Schenck: According to your request I send you the proposed preface to the words which I have already communicated to you, embodying the proposal, based on your suggestions, which we are prepared to make to the Government of the United States, on condition of our being previously informed of their assent, and of the form in which that assent will be given being satisfactory to us.

Yours, &c.,


[For inclosure 2 in No. 25, see p. 483.]