No. 2.
In the matter of the confederate steamer Alabama.

[734] Gordon Rennick, of Simons Town, maketh oath and saith, that this deponent was a resident in Simons Town, in the colony of the Cape of Good Hope, in the year 1863. That whilst this deponent was living there, to wit, on the 8th day of August, 1863, a bark or vessel called the Tuscaloosa, under Confederate-American colors, was brought into the port of Simons Bay, by the then Confederate-American steamer Alabama, commanded by Captain Semmes. That said bark or vessel remained in said port a considerable time. That whilst there the men of said bark or vessel Tuscaloosa were paid off and received their wages through the firm of William Anderson & Company, who carry on business as merchants at the aforesaid *port of Simons Town.


Justice of the Peace of Cape Town.