Affidavit of J. A. Monteath.

[720] To all to whom these presents shall come: I, Henry Penketh Fergie, notary public by royal authority, duly authorized, admitted, and sworn, residing and practicing in the city of Melbourne, in the colony of Victoria, do hereby certify that Winfield Attenborough, before whom [Page 187] *the affidavit of James Austin Monteath on the other side written purports to have been sworn, is a commissioner of the supreme court of said colony for taking affidavits, duly appointed in that behalf, and that name W. Attenborough, subscribed thereto, and to the exhibit thereto annexed, is of the proper handwriting of the said Winfield Attenborough, and that to all acts by him, the said Winfield Attenborough, done in his said capacity or office, full faith and credit are due in judicature and thereout.

Notary Public, Melbourne.

[721] I, James Austin Monteith, of Melbourne, in the colony of Victoria, clerk to Messrs. Bennett and Attenborough, of the same place, solicitors, make oath and say as *follows:

I know and am well acquainted with Mr. H. B. Donaldson, of Sandridge, near Melbourne, aforesaid, ship-chandler, carrying on business as H. B. Donaldson & Co.
On being applied to by the said firm of Bennett & Attenborough for information as to supplies which they had understood had been made by the said H. B. Donaldson in the beginning of the year 1865, to the vessel (then in this port) known here as the confederate ship of war Shenandoah, the said H. B. Donaldson promised to send, and did send, to the said firm of Bennett & Attenborough, a document which he stated was the duplicate of his account against the said ship furnished by him to Captain Waddell, who was then her captain.
[722] The said account was so placed, by the said H. B. Donaldson, in the hands of the said firm for the purpose of enabling the said firm to have a copy thereof made and verified by his affidavit, to be used in support of the claims of the American Government against the British government, known as the “Alabama Claims.”
The said H. B. Donaldson stated, when so applied to, that he had been paid the amount of his said account by the hands of the captain or the purser of the said ship Shenandoah, and that he could depose to the fact that Messrs. Bright Brothers had put seven hundred tons of coal on board the said ship in this port.
A copy of the said account was accordingly made, and such copy is hereunto annexed, marked A.
The said H. B. Donaldson sent for and obtained from the said firm the said original account, on the plea that there were some inaccuracies in it which he wished to correct.
An affidavit was duly prepared by the said firm for the said H. B. Donaldson to depose to verifying the said copy account, and his aforesaid statements; but on being requested to swear to it, he said he would not do so unless he was paid the sum of fifty pounds for so doing.


Sworn at Melbourne, in the colony of Victoria, this 25th day of September, 1871, before me,

A Commissioner of the Supreme Court of the Colony of Victoria, for taking affidavits.