Mr. F. W. Seward to Mr. Williams

No. 24.]

Sir: I transmit to you a copy of a note of the 21st instant, which has been addressed to this department by Mr. De Figaniere é Morao, the diplomatic representative of Portugal, accredited to this government, who has been directed by his government to ask the co-operation of the United States minister at Peking, with that of the Portuguese minister at that place, in bringing to a satisfactory conclusion any negotiations now pending or which may arise between Portugal and China.

You are accordingly instructed to lend such assistance as may be in your power, in order to accomplish the desired result.

I am, sir, your obedient servant,

F. W. SEWARD, Acting Secretary.

S. Wells Williams, Esq., &c., &c., &c.


Sir: I am directed by his Majesty’s government to have the honor to inform you that untoward circumstances have hitherto prevented the exchange of the ratifications of the treaty negotiated and signed at Tien-Sing, on the 13th of August, 1862, between Portugal and China; that being fully aware of the efficiency of the influence and good offices of the American minister at Peking to bring that negotiation, or any other that supervening circumstances might require, to a satisfactory conclusion; and that gratefully remembering the services rendered and acknowledged on a like occasion by minister Townsend Harris, at Yeddo, Japan, his Majesty’s government does not hesitate to apply to the United States government and request it would be pleased so to instruct its said minister in Peking, that, with the assurance of his effective assistance, the minister of Portugal in that empire may prosecute the negotiations intrusted to him with the persistency required in diplomatic dealings with the Chinese government.

I shall be happy, sir, to assure my government that its request has had a favorable response, and beg you to accept the renewed assurances of my great consideration.