Mr. Seward to Mr. de Geofroy

Mr. Seward presents his compliments to Mr. Geofroy, and has the honor to acknowledge the receipt of his communication of the 12th instant, relative to the supposed movement of Juarist refugees at New York and Washington.

In reply, Mr. Seward has the honor to state that the attention of the proper authorities has been called to the subject, with a view to the prevention of any violation of the neutrality laws of the United States.

Memorandum from French legation to Department of State.


It seems that several persons whose names are on the annex herewith are busied in New York in organizing an emigration which would be directed towards Mexico, with an object hostile to the government of the emperor Maximilian.

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These individuals seem to be full of confidence in the success of their projects. They dispose apparently of funds considerable enough, and express themselves in a manner to allow the belief that the intrigue they are plotting in the United States has ramifications in Mexico.

The manner in which they speak of ex-President Juarez would lead to the thought that it is not on him they count, nor in his favor that they are agitating. Certain indications would lead rather to the supposition that the persons in question lend sympathies to General Santa Anna, which the event would develop. What they say of him would in any case be fit to compromise him, if the indiscretions which escape them were to be taken seriously.

It is said that Brooklyn, Cincinnati, and Santa Fé are the points of rendezvous for the emigrants that the favorers of the intrigue in question seek to gather in view of the disorders they meditate. It appears that a captain in the American army, whose name (Fichte) would indicate a German origin, set off five days ago for New Mexico, with the title of colonel and $7,500 in gold, given, it is said, by a New York banker (Berriozabul.) Santa Fé, whither he goes, will become a sort of recruiting depot for operations against Mexico.

Annex.—Colonel Flores, Colonel Bidal y Rivas, General Rivas, Captain Pelliteer, Marquis de Sard; an American officer of German origin, by name Fichte.