Mr. Harvey to Mr. Hunter

No. 341.]

Sir: The note from the Count d’Avila which accompanies this dispatch communicates officially the proceedings of the Chamber of Peers in reference to the assassination of the lamented President Lincoln. It will be observed that the count was associated in the motion which was passed unanimously in that body.

The eloquent speech of the distinguished orator Rebello da Silva—the author of the proposition—was included in the note of the minister of foreign affairs, having been recorded as a part of the minutes of the chamber; but I do not now enclose it, as my No. 338 has already put the department in possession of a copy published in the official paper.

I have the honor to be, sir, your obedient servant,


Hon. William Hunter, Acting Secretary of State.

Count d’Avila to Mr. Harvey

In addition to my note dated 6th instant, I have the honor to hand you enclosed a copy of the communication which, under date of 9th, was sent to me by the vice-president of the chamber of peers of the realm as well as of the document, a copy of which accompanied it, containing the motion made in the session of the 5th instant by the worthy peer Luiz Au-gusto Rebello da Silva, a motion in which I took part as a peer of the realm, and which was carried unanimously, to the effect of having it recorded in the minutes how deep was the pain experienced at the news of the horrible crime perpetrated on the person of Mr. Lincoln, President of the United States.

In the aforesaid document you will find that part of the minutes which refer to the subject, and I have to request that you will be pleased to make known to your government the manifestations of said chamber on an event which all so deeply deplore.

I avail of this opportunity to renew the assurances of my most distinguished consideration.


James E. Harvey, Esq., &c., &c., &c.

Chamber of worthy peers of the realm.

Most Excellent Sir: The chamber of peers of the realm having unanimously resolved, in its session of 5th instant, and on motion of the worthy peer Luiz Augusto Rebello da Silva, in which the worthy peer Count d’Avila took part, to record in its minutes the expression of great pain which the chamber felt at the news of the horrible crime committed in the United States of America on the person of Mr. Lincoln, their illustrious President, I have now the honor of handing your excellency the enclosed copy containing the aforesaid motion and that part of the minutes which relates to the subject, in order that your excellency may, [Page 129] through such channel as may be deemed most appropriate, cause the same to be made known to the government of the United States.

May God preserve your excellency.

COUNT DE CASTRO, Vice-President.

His Excellency the Count d’Avila, Minister and Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs.