Mr. Watson to Mr. Seward.

Sir: The Secretary of War directs me respectfully to acknowledge the receipt of your communication of the 17th instant, requesting, at the instance of the consul of the United States at Paris, to be furnished with full particulars relative to the bounty and pay of volunteers.

In reply, the Secretary instructs me to transmit to you the enclosed copy of the report of the Paymaster General, to whom the subject was referred, and to state that on a like reference to the Adjutant General, he reports that, “in addition to the information furnished by the Paymaster General, this office can but [Page 1352] add copies of orders Nos. 74, 91, and 108, of the department; these prescribe the rules under which the bounties of the government are disbursed.”

Copies of these orders, together with the regulations of the pay department accompanying the report of the Paymaster General, are herewith transmitted.

I have the honor to be, very respectfully, your obedient servant,

P. H. WATSON, Assistant Secretary of War.

Hon. William H. Seward, Secretary of State.


Sir: I have the honor to return herewith the letter of the honorable Secretary of State, of September 17, relative to bounties and pay of volunteers, and to report that the disbursements and regulations relating to the advance bounty to be paid to new recruits are under the charge of the Adjutant General, who can furnish all necessary information on the subject. Under the act of 22d July, 1862, entitled “An act to authorize the employment of volunteers, &c,” a bounty of $100 is granted to soldiers, serving either for two years or till the termination of the war. The same bounty will be paid to the widow or heirs of all soldiers dying in service, without reference to the period of time they may have served. The advance bounty paid on enlistment is a portion of this $100 bounty. Under the act of 17th of July, 1862, entitled “An act to amend the act calling forth the militia, &c.,” an advance bounty of $25 is authorized to nine-months volunteers, and a bounty of $50, one-half payable in advance, to twelve-months volunteers.

The pay of enlisted men in the volunteer service is as follows:

For Infantry and Heavy Artillery,

First sergeants $20
Sergeants 17
Corporals 13
Privates 13
Musicians 12

For Cavalry and Light Artillery.

First sergeants $20
Sergeants 17
Corporals 14
Privates 13
Musicians 13

Any further information with regard to the pay, &c., of the army and volunteers, may be found, if desired, in the enclosed copy of the regulations of the pay department, respectfully forwarded herewith.

Very respectfully, your obedient servant,

CARY H. FRY, Acting Paymaster General United States Army.

Hon. Edwin M. Stanton, Secretary of War.