Mr. Seward to Presidents of Insurance Companies.

Gentlemen: I have the honor to acknowledge, the receipt of your communication in regard to the commercial intercourse between the United States and Nassau, and suggesting, in view of the interests of American commerce, an increase of the rank, powers, and compensation of the United States consul at that port, “to the end that a person of talent and character may be enabled to accept the position of consul to that island.”

To enable the department to carry into effect your suggestions further legislation of Congress will be needed.

Your communication will be laid before the committees on commerce at the next session of Congress.

I am, gentlemen, your obedient servant,


To Messrs. J. D. Jones, president Atlantic Mutual Insurance Company; M. H. Grinnell, president Sun Mutual Insurance Company; Alfred Ogden, Mount Orient Mutual Insurance Company; Elwood Waiter, president Mercantile Mutual Insurance Company; B. C. Morris, president Columbian Insurance Company; Alfred Edwards, president Pacific Mutual Insurance Company; J. P. Tappan, president Neptune Insurance Company; A. W. Whipple, president Washington Mutual Insurance Company; Samuel Drake Smith, president Commercial Mutual Insurance Company; John H. Early, president New York Mutual Insurance Company; F. S. Lathrop, president Union Mutual Insurance Company.