Mr. Seward to Mr. Perry

No. 4.]

Your very interesting despatch, under the date of July 19, and num, has been received. It is accompanied by numerous extracts from [Page 983] the press of Madrid, in which a question of recognition of the insurgents in our country seems to have been discussed with much earnestness and freedom. This discussion occurred simultaneously with debates upon the same subject in London and Paris. Since that time events have occurred here which will, probably, have quieted, at least for a time, the unfriendly debate in those capitals. I do not think it necessary to assume that her Catholic Majesty’s government have sympathized with the enemies of the United States in the discussion which has taken place in Spain. You are at liberty, however, to state that the agitation has engaged the President’s attention, and that he reckons confidently on the continued friendship of the Spanish government, and has observed with satisfaction the dignified forbearance it has hitherto practiced with regard to an unhappy strife which it belongs not to foreign nations, but to the United States alone, to regulate and compose.

The activity and energy you have practiced on the occasion are gratefully acknowledged.

I am, sir, your obedient servant,


Horatio J. Perry, Esq., &c., &c., Madrid.