Mr. Seward to Mr. Taylor.

No. 14.]

Sir: Your despatch of December 17 (No. 22) has been submitted to the President, and I am authorized to approve the representations mentioned therein, which you have made to Prince Gortchacow.

A new campaign has been begun, with alternating successes and disappointments. The victory at Murfreesboro’ was a great one, and it has been followed by very beneficial results. Our army in Arkansas continues to be successful. The insurgents have been repulsed in their attack upon Springfield, in Missouri. On the other hand, the small garrison which held Galveston has been surprised and dislodged, just at the moment when re-enforcements were approaching the harbor; and General Sherman, after a very gallant assault, has been repulsed at Vicksburg. Forces are, however, again gathering at that point, which are believed to be adequate to the capture of the town; and a demonstration upon Charleston will very probably be made while this paper is on its way to St. Petersburgh.

I am, sir, your obedient servant,


Bayard Taylor, Esq., &c., &c.