Mr. Seward to Mr. Haldeman.

No. 5.]

Sir: Your despatch (No. 4) of July 22 has been received.

The announcement which you were requested to make, by his excellency Count Manderstrom, of the appointment of Count Piper as his Swedish and Norwegian Majesty’s minister resident in the United States, has been received with much satisfaction. The filling of the mission in so acceptable a manner at this period is regarded by the President as an earnest of his Majesty’s friendly feelings towards the government of the United States, and you are directed to assure Count Manderstrom that the new minister will receive at our hands a most cordial welcome, and that no opportunity will be neglected of strengthening the ties of amity between the government of his Majesty and that of the United States.

I am, sir, respectfully, your obedient servant,


Jacob S. Haldeman, Esq.,
&c., &c., &c., Stockholm.