Schedule A.

Rev.———— ————.

Sir: Having been solicited by Christian ministers, and other pious people, to appoint suitable persons to act as chaplains at the hospitals for our sick and wounded soldiers, and feeling the intrinsic propriety of having such persons to so act, and yet believing there is no law conferring the power upon me to appoint them, I think fit to say that if you will voluntarily enter upon and perform the appropriate duties of such position, I will recommend that Congress make compensation therefor at the same rate as chaplains in the army are compensated.

The following are the names and dates, respectively, of the persons and times to whom and when such letters were delivered:

Rev. G. G. Goss September 25, 1861.
Rev. John G. Butler September 25, 1861.
Rev. Henry Hopkins September 25, 1861.
Rev. F. M. Magrath October 30, 1861.
Rev. F. E. Boyle October 30, 1861.
Rev. John C. Smith November 7, 1861.
Rev. Wm. Y. Brown November 7, 1861.