Memorandum From Ronald Spiers to Charles Redman, November 1988

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Source: Department of State, Central Foreign Policy Files, 1989 P-Reels, P890058-1591.

Cited in Toward “Thorough, Accurate, and Reliable”: A History of the Foreign Relations of the United States Series, Chapter 10, Footnote 58

Memorandum From Ronald Spiers (Under Secretary of State for Management) to Charles Redman (Assistant Secretary of State for Public Affairs)

Subject: PA Management of the Historical Advisory Committee

Thank you for your memorandum of November 2 regarding the Historical Advisory Committee (HAC).

I have accepted your recommendation for the renewal of the HAC charter for two years. My action is based on your undertaking to manage the Committee with more purpose and persistence than has perhaps always been the case in the past. The intemperate and unbalanced report issued by the Committee this year provides ample evidence that the status quo is unsatisfactory. I will look to your leadership to ensure that the proposed agenda for the December meeting produces a session, and subsequent report, which adequately addresses the subjects on which PA looks to the Committee for advice. I understand that the Committee's February report asked the Historian to prepare a paper for the next meeting describing the problems he faces in shaping the future of the FRUS series; this would appear to provide an excellent opportunity for PA and the Historian to tell the Committee exactly what you want from it.

I have asked M/MP to continue to monitor your progress with the Committee and to keep me informed. I am prepared to revoke the Committee's charter at any time should its activities pose a burden for the Department as a whole which can no longer be justified by the benefits PA receives from its continued existence.