1. Editorial Note

The Intelligence Community (IC) produced National Intelligence Estimate 11–10–76 on Soviet Military Policy in the Third World, dated October 21, 1976. See Document 55 in Foreign Relations, 1969–1976, volume E–6, Documents on Africa, 1973–1976. In the estimate, the IC noted that the amount of Soviet aid to Africa in absolute terms was small, but due to the size and equipment of the military forces of Sub-Saharan Africa, even limited amounts of Soviet military aid could have a large impact. Drawing on this assessment, on February 18, 1977, President Jimmy Carter signed Presidential Review Memorandum (PRM) 10, “Comprehensive Net Assessment and Military Force Posture Review,” which directed an examination of U.S. national strategy and capabilities. The resulting study included an Executive Summary Report on Africa, which argued for ways in which to keep the Soviets off-balance in the continent. See Foreign Relations, 1977–1980, volume IV, National Security Policy, for documentation on the results of PRM 10.