259. Memorandum From Denis Clift of the National Security Council Staff to Richard Kennedy of the National Security Council Staff1 2

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  • Admittance of 1,000 Ugandan Asians

1) Bill Timmons Office has lifted its objection to having the Attorney General sign the necessary parole authority as requested by Secretary Rogers.

2) State and Justice have conferred with the Counsels of the House Judiciary Committee, and State reports that Congressmen Rodino, Dennis, and Hutchinson will not object to the Attorney Generalʼs acting on Rogers recommendation provided:

—the Attorney General, or the Acting A-G calls Rodino beforehand, and
—some other high official calls Hutchinson and DENNIS (Huffman in Stateʼs legal office) believes Acting Secretary Irwin would be pleased to do this.

3)John Lehman informs me that the Attorney Generalʼs parole letter is, in fact, signed and can be released as soon as Justice has the go ahead from the White House. The letter is in Ralph Ericksonʼs office (Miss Dun) (Tel: 739-2101)

4) We anticipate that the President and Sir Alec will address the Ugandan Asian subject during the discussions that are going on now.


1) We have to ensure that the President has not said anything to Sir Alec that would cause us to hold up on further action. If OK, then,

2) Telephone calls have to be made to the Congressmen per para 2, above.

3) Justice has to be told by the White House to release the letter.

4) If the letter is released the President should be informed before this eveningʼs dinner permitting him to inform Sir Alec of the steps he has taken.

5) I am standing by.

  1. Source: National Archives, Nixon Presidential Materials, NSC Files, Box 746, Country Files, Africa, Uganda, Vol. I. Confidential.
  2. Clift informed Kennedy that all arrangements and clearances had been made for admittance to the United States of 1,000 Ugandan Asians.