69. Minutes of the Under Secretary of State for Political Affair’s Principals and Regional Staff Meeting1

[Omitted here is discussion related to the upcoming Moscow Summit but unrelated to SALT II.]

[Armitage:] What can we expect?

SALT, of course, is the center of everybody’s interest. And we have wanted to move from the temporary interim agreement on the limitation of SLBMs and ICBMs to some more permanent and comprehensive agreement. And the Geneva discussions have pretty well revealed that for this year that is not in the cards. And since that we have, of course, explored the possibility of more limited agreement, which would be centered on limiting the deployment of MIRVs in conjunction with a brief extension of the interim agreement. We are hopeful that this agreement in principle will come out of the summit. And we will sort of shape the outlines which this agreement might take. “Hopeful” is still the word.

We have been discussing, of course, further limitations of ABMs to reduce it to one site. And we expect to get some agreement on this.

Also we expect to sign some agreed procedures for the Standing Consultative Committee, which is the outfit set up by the initial SALT to define how they were going to implement the provisions on dismantling and replacement, destruction of strategic weapons.

[Omitted here is discussion unrelated to SALT II.]

  1. Source: National Archives, RG 59, Transcripts of Secretary of State Kissinger’s Staff Meetings, Lot File 78D443, 1973–1977, Box 4, Mr. Sisco’s Principals’ and Regionals’ Staff Mtg, 6/21/1974 to Secretary’s Staff Mtg, 10/08/1974. Secret. Ingersoll and the Regional Assistant Secretaries attended the meeting.