299. Telegram From the Liaison Office in China to the Department of State1

929. Subject: Cambodian Embassy Returns U.S. Message. Ref: A. Peking 913,2 B. Peking 925.3

USLO has just received through the mail the message we delivered to the Cambodian Embassy May 13 (ref A). The envelope, the same U.S. Liaison Office envelope used to deliver the message, contained only our message. There was no Cambodian reply enclosed. The envelope was marked “return to sender” and stamped with the Cambodian Embassy’s seal. It was postmarked May 15.
Comment: Timing of the Cambodian Embassy’s return of U.S. message, i.e. morning after PRC refusal to be of assistance, raises possibility that two actions were coordinated. Both rejections were predictable, but Chinese may in fact have discussed the matter with Cambodians here prior to the decisions being taken.
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