129. Memorandum From the Director of Central Intelligence (Colby) to Secretary of State Kissinger 1


  • North Vietnamese and PRG Belief that Substantive Negotiations with the United States Must be Postponed Until After Resolution of American Internal Political Problems
The attached report2 was obtained from a source who is an official of the Provisional Revolutionary Government stationed abroad. Although this source has reported what is believed to be accurate information in the past, his reporting reliability has not been definitely established.
According to the report, the DRV believes that President Nixon will not be in office much longer and that any agreement reached with you, even though entered into in good faith, would be “sabotaged” by other elements of the U.S. Government. The DRV therefore has decided that no meaningful negotiations can be held until the American “domestic political problems are resolved,” a position shared, according to the report, by the PRG. The report also indicates that the DRV and PRG are “keenly interested” in securing American economic aid, and that [Page 529]the DRV is prepared to go “to great lengths” to rationalize the acceptance of U.S. aid, but that talks regarding such aid must be postponed.
We are making no dissemination of this information other than in this memorandum to you.
William E. Nelson 3
  1. Source: Central Intelligence Agency, Executive Registry Subject Files, Job 80–M01048A, Box 18, Vietnam. Secret; Sensitive; Eyes Only.
  2. The CIA report, June 18, attached but not printed.
  3. Printed from a copy that indicates Nelson signed the original above Colby’s typed signature.