86. Summary of Conclusions of a Washington Special Actions Group Meeting1


  • Steps for the Implementation of a Southeast Asia Agreement


  • Chairman—Henry A. Kissinger
  • State
    • U. Alexis Johnson
    • William Sullivan
  • Defense
    • Kenneth Rush
    • G. Warren Nutter
    • R/Adm. Daniel J. Murphy
    • Roger Shields
  • JCS
    • V/Adm. John Weinel
  • CIA
    • Richard Helms
    • George Carver
    • William Newton
  • NSC
    • M/Gen. Alexander Haig
    • Richard Kennedy
    • John Holdridge
    • James T. Hackett
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It was agreed that:

  • —We will use civilians for as many of the intelligence functions as possible, leaving the military, including attachés, to handle strictly military functions.
  • —The marine guards at Embassy Saigon will not be counted as part of the fifty military personnel we will be permitted to have in Vietnam.
  • —The State Department will make plans for a separate international conference to establish a voluntary consultative group to consider the economic program for IndoChina.

  1. Source: National Archives, Nixon Presidential Materials, NSC Files, NSC Institutional Files (H-Files), Box H–117, Washington Special Actions Group, WSAG Minutes (Originals) 7–27–72 to 9–20–73. Top Secret; Sensitive. The meeting took place in the White House Situation Room. The minutes of the meeting are attached.