214. Backchannel Message From the Ambassador to South Vietnam (Bunker) to the President’s Assistant for National Security Affairs (Kissinger)1

115. Refs: A) WHS 2087.2 B) Saigon 0114.3 C) WHS 2088.4 D) WHS 2089.5

Thank you for Ref C giving fuller report on July 19 meeting, especially the prevailing atmosphere, which I shall pass on to Thieu. The only point of substance not included in my preliminary report to him (Ref B) was the 3–4 month temporary cease-fire with bombing halt. I think Thieu might find some problems with this in view of previous history of temporary bombing halts, which the enemy used in effect to build up supplies, re-equip and reinforce. As I understand it, it would be in effect a cease-fire in place with enemy forces located in a considerable number of areas in all military regions. GVN’s concern would be with situation which enemy could use to proselytize and build-up infrastructure during period of cease-fire. Nevertheless, in view of the other side’s response I think it was wise to have made the proposal. [Page 756] As you have said, it will bolster our position if we ever had to go public with the record again.
I have asked for appointment with Thieu to discuss your proposal for August 1 meeting (Ref D). This seems to me a very good approach and I believe will be in fact more welcome to Thieu than a cease-fire proposal alone unless latter included eventual withdrawal of all foreign forces from Viet-Nam. I doubt that proposed modifications will give him problems, but will discuss with him at early date and report.
Warm regards.
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