158. Diary Entry by the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff (Moorer)1

Met with—LTGEN Knowles and Captain McKee—in office

We discussed the meeting with the Sullivan group at State this morning. Godley’s message started it all off, talking about the decline of morale in North Vietnam.2 There is a requirement to get a list to the President tomorrow so he can pick out some options that he may want to have conducted in the psyop business and “Dirty Tricks” program. They discussed the Voice of America and the broadcasting by CIA; Carver is working on that and we are giving him the assistance.3 The AGC may be used, 3 special aircraft will be available for this and 3 ground stations at Singapore, Taiwan and Philippines may be used. They discussed the amphibious feints, amphibious raids, possibility of hitting Radio Hanoi with strikes and cut out their broadcast—they want daily progress reports on everything we do. Want the NVN listen to broadcast they want to work in this radio broadcast program on their frequencies. In any event General Knowles has the thing well in hand; we will be going back to another meeting tomorrow and coming up with a final report on it.

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