98. Telegram From the Department of State to the Mission to the United Nations 1

171037. Subject: Pruning 26th GA Agenda. Ref: USUN 2626.2Telegram 2626, September 10, suggested items to be deferred or merged with other items on the agenda of the 26th General Assembly. (Ibid.)

Dept concurs in your suggestions for deferral or merger of agenda items (reftel) except for proposal to merge items 48 and 49. We believe these two items should remain separate both in terms of their consideration and in terms of substance. With regard to item 55, suggest this be referred directly to ECOSOC and its social commission. In addition, suggest you seek elimination of following items:
Item 24 (report on peaceful uses of atomic energy): We are puzzled why Secretariat decided to include agenda item on this report. In our view report should simply have been circulated to members who could then comment upon it either in General Debate or under IAEA item (15). If it is not possible to delete this item, it should be bracketed with item 15.
Item 29b (safeguarding of new processes of uranium enrichment): If this item cannot be deleted, it should be bracketed with item 15.
Item 32 (implementation of results of conference of non-nuclear weapons states): GA has discussed this item for several years and there is nothing new before it to consider.
Item 39 (UNSCEAR report) and item 47d (UN volunteer program): Reports should simply be circulated and agenda items deleted. Item 46 (UNITAR) is similar item. While we could support its removal from agenda, believe we should not initiate action to drop it since UNITAR Executive Director Adebo wishes use GA platform to elicit financial support and could enlist wide AF backing.
Item 56 (world social situation): Since neither ECOSOC nor GA requested inclusion of agenda item on this subject, report should simply be circulated.
Bracketing of items:
Item 12 (ECOSOC report): Chapter on economic and social consequences of arms race should be bracketed with item 35 to avoid two discussions on same issue.
Item 33 (international service for nuclear explosions for peaceful purposes): Should be bracketed with item 15.
Referral to committees:
Item 12 (ECOSOC report): Chapter on question of enlargement of Council should be referred directly to plenary. Chapter on economic and social consequences of arms race could be referred to Committee 1 or 2 if it is bracketed with item 35 but only to Committee 2 if it is not.
Item 28 (rationalization of GA procedures): Should be referred to Committee 6, which is logical place for changes in rules to be discussed.
Item 35: Could be discussed in Committee 1 or 2. (See para 3a above.)
We recognize that only very limited time is available to undertake consultations with other General Committee members on above but believe it would be useful to consult with as many as possible before we formally make our proposals.
  1. Source: National Archives, RG 59, Central Files 1970–73, UN 3–1. Confidential. Drafted by B. J. Schrage and Betty Gough; cleared by Armitage, Pelcovits, Kent, Jacques Reinstein, Kathleen Bell, Barth, and Ernest L. Kerley; and approved by Assistant Secretary De Palma.