76. Telegram From the Mission to the United Nations to the Department of State 1

253. Subj: Comite of 24.

Comite-24 held first meeting of 1972 on January 21. After hearing from SYG, Comite elected Salim (Tanzania) as its chairman and Abdulah Lord (Trinidad and Tobago) and Hulinsky (Czechoslovakia) as vice chairmen with Aryubi (Afghanistan) being elected as rapporteur.
In his maiden speech, Salim attacked the UK for what was going on in SR, as well as US for its violation of sanctions and its agreement on Azores with Portugal. He also said Comite must find practical means for helping liberation movements in African colonial territories. He welcomed China, Indonesia, Czechoslovakia to the Comite.
Chinese made mild pro forma statement in which they supported people of African colonial territories in their struggle against colonialism and neocolonialism.
Comment: Comite has decided to send its chairman to observe SC meeting in Africa. Understand that Congo has been named to replace Madagascar, but that there possibility it may not take seat until 27th GA because of question of whether pres of 26th GA can officially name it to Comite-24. Addition of Congo will bring strength of Comite to 23 with at least 12 of its members being on extremist side. Election of Salim will mean that Tanzania will have had seat for second time. While Salim not likely be as harsh and irresponsible as his predecessor, Malecela, there every likelihood that he will, however, be more [Page 118]prone to extremist positions for Comite. Three subcomites of Comite24 have not yet been formed. This should probably take place at a subsequent meeting.
  1. Source: National Archives, RG 59, Central Files 1970–73, POL 19 UN. Limited Official Use. Repeated to Dar es Salaam.