454. Telegram From the Mission to the United Nations to the Department of State 1

3773. Subj: Statement of PRC Rep in UN Fifth Committee.

Summary: PRC Rep made first statement in UN 5th Comite (administrative and budgetary questions) since PRC became member UN. End summary.

PRC (Hsing Sung-yi) made first statement in 5th Comite since PRC became member UN. Stated PRC has paid all contributions due regular budget and working capital fund since admission PRC. Notwithstanding PRC developing country, it plans raise contribution level to 7 per cent assessed UN budget within next 5 years in view economic development.
PRC cannot be held responsible in any way for arrearages in contributions of “Chiang clique.” Amount due from “Chiang clique” shld not have been reflected in budget as arrearage of PRC. Expects correction to be made by end of year.
Financial difficulties of UN are due its sending military forces which interfered in internal affairs of nations during time PRC denied its lawful rights. PRC ready join other member states in exploration ways of overcoming deficit.
Noted UN budget includes such expenses as bond issue, Korean cemetery, UNCURK, and UNHCR programs Macao. Illegal expenditures for Korean programs shld have ceased long ago and shld be stopped forthwith. Assistance to so-called Tibetan refugees constitutes meddling in Chinese internal affairs. Hong Kong and Macao are Chinese territory and Chinese there are not refugees. Demanded immediate cessation all UNHCR activities in Macao, India, and Kathmandu and deletion expenditures from budget.
Stated UN has 5 official languages and all except Chinese are working languages. Called for placing consideration of approval Chinese as working language on 1973 GA agenda, use of Chinese as working language wld improve efficiency of organization. Called also for greater UNSec efficiency.
  1. Source: National Archives, RG 59, Central Files 1970–73, UN 10. Unclassified. Repeated to Taipei, Hong Kong, and Geneva.