448. Telegram From the Mission to the United Nations to the Department of State 1

065. Subj: ECOSOCPRC Maiden Speech.

Summary: In maiden intervention as ECOSOC member, PRC, during second organizational meeting of 52nd ECOSOC on AM Jan 6, attacked “one or two superpowers” who have in past “monopolized” UN affairs. Characterized PRC as champion of small countries. USSR replied, criticizing PRC del for attempting create schism and bring disharmony to ECOSOC. Also chided PRC for attempting assume role as protector of third world. End Summary.
During procedural discussion AM Jan 6 on ECOSOC organizational meeting’s agenda, PRC (An Chih-yan) made maiden intervention as ECOSOC member, attacking “one or two superpowers.” Reviewing world situation last year and 26th GA, he said, it easy to see [Page 896]spectacular change in international arena and in UN. Asians, Africans and Latins becoming more united and have intensified their struggle against foreign domination and interference and against power politics and hegemony of superpowers. It is becoming progressively difficult for the “two superpowers” to monopolize UN affairs. An hit out at Indians as semi-superpower2 which subjecting another country to subversion and dismemberment and has been condemned by overwhelming number of members of SC and UN and has been discredited and isolated. PRC has supported struggle of smaller countries for equality in UN and opposes the “one or two superpowers” who plunder, bully and oppose smaller countries. PRC supports principles of sovereignty, independence and territorial integrity and is in favor of economic cooperation and promoting human progress. An concluded that despite limited role it can play in UN, PRC willing do its best in ECOSOC and is ready to exert best efforts together with other dels.
In right of reply, USSR (Makeyev) quoted portion of Gromyko address to 26th GA (portion quoted was para immediately following Brezhnev quote) and said in light of this, PRC’s statement can be regarded only as desire bring about schism and create disharmony in ECOSOC, especially among UN members. Only criterion which can be used to assess states’ contributions in class, he said, and in this regard it important to distinguish between socialists—who follow illuminated policies—and capitalists, who oppose. “Superpowers” concept not popular in UN and cannot be successful. He asked PRC not to adopt position as protector of Third World—“They don’t need protectors or patrons.”
  1. Source: National Archives, RG 59, Central Files 1970–73, UN 22–2 CHICOM. Unclassified. Repeated to Taipei, Moscow, and Hong Kong.
  2. The phrase in this sentence that reads: “An hit out at Indians as semi-superpower” originally read: “An hit out at Soviets as a superpower…” It was corrected in telegram 146 from USUN, January 14, and corrected by hand on telegram 065. (Ibid.)