438. Telegram From the Mission to the United Nations to the Department of State 1

3991. Subj: USUN Relations With Chinese Delegation.

Although it is not yet certain, it appears that Chinese delegation might arrive at the end of this or beginning of next week. As host country, we will have a certain amount of routine administrative work to perform in facilitating entry, providing privileges and immunities, documentation, and assisting with other numerous problems associated with opening of a permanent mission. It is not clear whether Chinese will wish to deal directly with us on these matters or whether they will ask third parties (e.g., Pakistan, Albania) to assist them.
From outset we will be faced with problem of the proper attitude US del should adopt toward PRC reps. We assume we will wish to avoid the extremes of effusiveness or aloofness. In the SC and in main committees there will be specific items on which it would be unusual for us not to engage in matter-of-fact consultations on the same [Page 874]basis as we do with other delegations with which we do not have diplomatic relations (e.g., Egypt, Syria).
We expect that those who fought for the AR will wish to have PRC’s entry taken note of in some fashion. Stavropoulos tells us Romanians have already asked if special plenary meeting could be called for purpose of welcoming PRC del. Secretariat has replied in the negative but has indicated that on day PRC del arrives, plenary could be called in connection with a current item such as WDC which would provide opportunity for welcoming speeches.
As for welcoming statements, we will wish to consider forum and particular circumstances. In SC and plenary where majority of other delegations are making welcoming remarks, we assume we should make brief statement recalling that US has supported representation of PRC in UN and we hope its presence will strengthen the organization in realizing the Charter’s goals.
As Dept aware, USUN does not ordinarily send Mission officers to airport upon arrival of new UN delegations. Given special circumstances surrounding PRC arrival and fact reps will not be issued visas, believe Dept might wish consider having USUN officer present when Chinese arrive.2
  1. Source: National Archives, RG 59, Central Files 1970–73, UN 22–2 CHICOM. Confidential; Immediate. Repeated to Taipei, Tokyo, Canberra, and Wellington.
  2. In telegram 4058 from USUN, November 5, the Mission confirmed instructions from Assistant Secretary De Palma that the arrival of the PRC delegation would be handled under “general ground rules governing the arrival of new UN delegations.” Under no circumstance would the Mission have Ambassadorial representation at the airport. (Ibid.)