430. Telegram From the Mission to the United Nations to the Department of State1

3848. UN General Assembly—Albanian Chirep Res Adopted.

Albanian Res (AR, L. 630) adopted 76–35–17 late Oct. 25 and GA Pres Malik (Indonesia) announced PRC would be notified accordingly. Just before vote Chinese FonMin stated “in view of frenzy and irrational behavior in hall del of China has decided not to take part in any further proceedings of this Assembly.” During continuous eight-hour meeting, Important Question (IQ) res (L. 632) defeated 55–59–15 after motion for priority approved 61–53–15. Bush’s request for separate vote on expulsion clause rejected 51–61–16. Saudi Arabia’s motion to defer voting overnight also rejected 53–56–19. Saudi Arabia withdrew its third amendment (L. 637) after first two defeated 2 (Saudi Arabia, Mauritius)–60–66 and 2–62–64. Pres stated explanations of votes after vote be made A.M. Oct. 26.

At outset, Driss (Tunisia) submitted three new reses to be voted if necessary which would: 1) invite PRC occupy China’s seat (L. 639); 2) invite ROC, pending solution affecting status quo of Formosa, continue to occupy UN seat under name of Formosa (L. 640); and 3) inscribe current item in 27th GA agenda and invite SYG report on inquiries with view to seeking solution to Chirep problem (L. 641). Baroody (Saudi Arabia) introduced new res (L. 638) which would have admitted PRC and retained ROC, i.e., people of Taiwan, in UN until those people declared wishes by referendum or plebiscite. He declared this was one of most momentous occasions in UN’s history, and stressed sense of fairness, justice and compromise required. Arita Quinoez (Honduras) supported IQ and DR and stated both Chinas should have rights and duties as member states. Malile (Albania) denounced US anti-Chinese activities.

Liu (China) pointed out Mao Tse-tung already dictating terms to UN and asked if GA could in honor and conscience, accept these impossible terms. He expressed gratitude to reps who upheld his govt’s representation, and concluded: “In your decision lies fate of Chinese people, peace and security of Asia and whole world, and fate of UN itself.” Bush summed up “strongly held view of US,” and urged UN to take “constructive road—not discredited and utterly sinister road that leads to rule of strong over weak.” Explanations of vote before [Page 857]vote made by Mongolia, Japan, El Salvador, Malaysia, Singapore, Austria, Peru, Madagascar, Rwanda, Dahomey, Senegal, Argentina, Sierra Leone, Venezuela, Pakistan, Ghana, Congo (K), and Algeria.

During five-and-half hours after conclusion of general debate, in addition to explanations of vote, Baroody requested priority for his res and moved to defer voting. Before his motion rejected, it was supported by Japan, Philippines and Liberia and opposed by AR co-sponsors. Pakistan formally opposed US motion for priority. Senegal stated it would ask for separate vote on expulsion portion of Albanian res. Bush’s request for priority for IQ was supported by NZ, Japan and Australia.

After votes on priority for IQ and for IQ res, Bush moved to delete expulsion clause, and was opposed by Iraq and Tanzania on grounds voting had begun. Bush interjected it had not started; motion clearly in order; and he asked for chair’s ruling. Pres Malik then stated: “Voting is continued. Amendment is not receivable.” Baroody charged Pres could not prevent voting by division, and said Senegal already requested division. Syria endorsed Pres’s ruling and Liberia challenged it. Tunisia withdrew its three reses. Bush requested separate vote on expulsion clause under Rule 91, and Sierra Leone asked for clarification on what such vote would mean. Tanzania appealed to Senegal not insist on separate vote on last clause, and Senegal withdrew proposal claiming some persons insisted on changing its meaning.

After US motion for division rejected, Chinese FonMin said it was flagrant violation. “In view of frenzy and irrational behavior in this hall, del of China has decided not to take part in any further proceedings of this Assembly.” His govt would continue struggle with like-minded countries, and he was confident cause for which they had been fighting for more than quarter of century would prevail.

Albanian res was then adopted. Albanian rep made victory statement, which Pres attemped interrupt on grounds explanations of vote would be heard at next meeting. GA then adjourned at 11:22 P.M. until 11:00 A.M. Oct. 26.

[Omitted here are lists of countries and their votes on the Albanian resolution, priority for the IQ resolution, the IQ resolution, and the motion for division on the AR.]

  1. Source: National Archives, RG 59, Central Files 1970–73, UN 6 CHICOM. Unclassified; Priority.