418. Telegram From the Mission to the United Nations to the Department of State 1

3479. Subj: Chirep—Cosponsors Inner Group Meeting October 13.

Bush chaired half-hour meeting October 13 with core group of Chirep cosponsors: Australia, Japan, New Zealand, Philippines and Thailand, plus ROC. This was first time that Chinese (represented by Ambassadors Liu and Hsueh, plus directors Che and Chien) attended meeting with cosponsors this year. Principal purpose of meeting was to stimulate increased sense of (and actual) participation in Chirep efforts, particularly on part of Thai and Philippines. They have not been engaging in same intensive consultations and exchanges of information with US as case with Japan and ROC and to lesser extent Australia and New Zealand.
Meeting chaired by Bush characterized by general exchanges regarding psychological atmosphere on Chirep, summary discussion of grey-area countries requiring special work, need to clarify procedural matter with less sophisticated cosponsors, significance of Congressional activity, etc. At close of this session, Bush invited delegates desiring more detailed discussion with USUN working level to remain. We pleased to find that both Anand (Thailand) and Yango (Philippines) chose to remain, along with Ambassador Liu and other delegations’ staffs, for detailed consideration, inter alia, of how each might assist in most effective coordinated approaches to score of uncertain delegations here.
Of some interest to Canberra and Wellington might be byplay, during discussion of need to persuade more friendlies to speak during Chirep debate, between New Zealand and Australian staffs, with former twitting latter for failure to inscribe. Australians obviously embarrassed. Later in day, Australia did inscribe to speak (septel). Thailand has not yet inscribed.
Regular weekly cosponsors’ meeting scheduled for October 15.
  1. Source: National Archives, RG 59, Central Files 1970–73, UN 6 CHICOM. Confidential. Repeated to Bangkok, Canberra, Manila, Taipei, Tokyo, and Wellington.