407. Telegram From the Department of State to Certain Posts 1

171047. 1. ROC Foreign Minister Chow Shu-kai called on the Secretary Sept 16 accompanied by ROC Perm Rep Liu, Amb Shen and other officials.2 Conversation turned largely on need for ROC support in certain capitals and how it could be provided. Secretary put it plainly to Chow that with active (if behind-the-scenes) ROC support we can win, but without it we will lose.

2. Upshot of conversation was that ROC will lend support for both resolutions both in New York and in capitals although for reasons of internal politics this will be done in a very Chinese manner. Chow showed great concern that “instructions would be on the historic record, we can’t put it black on white.”

3. What ROC is saying so far is that “every country must make decision on the basis of its own national policy and ROC will understand if decision is taken in light of that country’s own appreciation of interests of ROC and relations with US.” We remonstrated that this is too sybilline and Chow said he understands the problem and will personally work actively in New York. He specifically acknowledged importance of obtaining co-sponsorships for our resolutions as well as voting support.

4. From foregoing it appears that for time being instructions to ROC Ambassadors will not yet be to urge host governments in so many words to support our (amended) DR resolution. However, they should allow ROC Ambassadors to answer affirmatively if host government asks if ROC agrees with US assessment that their support is necessary to prevent expulsion of the ROC; and if question is put to them whether ROC has any objection to host country support or co-sponsorship of the resolutions, ROC Ambassador should be able to reply in negative.

5. While this is not yet good enough, we also have assurance from Foreign Minister Chow in New York, where he will be from now on, [Page 810]that he will be available personally to ambassadors of friendly countries who wish to take counsel with him. Accordingly, if host country remains in any doubt about ROC position after checking with ROC Ambassadors, it should be encouraged to make approach directly to ROC Foreign Minister Chow Shu-kai through UN delegation.

6. In the same conversation we also discussed the importance of not only defeating the Albanian resolution but also passing the Dual Representation resolution if, as may happen, the AR is put to a vote first and fails to get the necessary two-thirds majority. In such case some friends of ROC could lose enthusiasm for the DR resolution in the mistaken belief that danger of ROC had already been averted.

7. We went over this with Chow in some detail and found he completely understands that defeat of both AR and DR under such circumstances would be very bad indeed for the ROC; for if the DR fails there is bound to be a new move to unseat the ROC, possibly through credentials challenge, and there is little doubt there would then be large majority for such action. We thus have complete meeting of minds with ROC on importance that friends of the ROC understand that not only is passage of the IQ and defeat of the AR necessary to safeguard the ROC seat in the UN, but also passage of the Dual Representation resolution as well.

8. We realize that not all host governments are hesitant to vote for our resolutions out of misplaced concern for friendship with the ROC; some are ideologically opposed to any resolution that will bring the PRC into the UN, even if failure to vote results in expulsion of the ROC. However, we believe ROC Ambassadors can be useful in all of addressees.

9. You are specifically authorized to tell host government that we have had recent high-level review of UN voting situation with the ROC and they are in complete agreement with us that support for our two resolutions is necessary to prevent their expulsion from the UN. At this point in the process, their view is most likely to be expressed in terms of “understanding” if host govt decides to support or co-sponsor DR resolution with Security Council included.

10. If local ROC rep waffles on this or if host govt does not get the purport of what he is saying, you should encourage host government to seek confirmation through its UN Mission directly from ROC Foreign Minister Chow who has just arrived in New York and is making himself available for such questioning.

  1. Source: National Archives, RG 59, Central Files 1970–73, POL 7 CHINAT. Secret; Priority. Drafted by Herz, cleared by Moser and Pedersen, and approved by Herz. Sent to 34 posts in Central America, South America, and Africa, as well as to Taipei, Tokyo, and USUN.
  2. The meeting lasted from 11:35 a.m. to 12:40 p.m. and included Rogers, Pedersen, De Palma, Brown, Herz, and Moser. (Ibid., Private Papers of William P. Rogers, Appointment Books) A 12-page memorandum of conversation is ibid., EA/ROC Files: Lot 75 D 76, Exdis, 1971. Rogers reported the results of this meeting to Nixon in his evening report for September 16. (Ibid., Nixon Presidential Materials, NSC Files, Box 36, President’s Daily Briefing)