390. Telegram From the Mission to the United Nations to the Department of State 1

2097. Subject: ChirepBush Meeting With ROC Perm Rep Liu.

Summary. Bush on Aug 3 presented texts draft IQ and representation reses to ROC Perm Rep Liu and explained rationale behind drafts. Liu expressed satisfaction with draft res, fully aware of possible pressure for inclusion of SC clause in DR. Emphasized importance of tactics and highlighted advisability of obtaining priority for both modified IQ and DR. Liu agreed it best he not attend afternoon meeting of potential cosponsors. End Summary.
Amb Bush met with GRC Amb Liu Aug 3, gave him texts of draft IQ and DR reses and informed him of potential cosponsors’ meeting USUN that afternoon. Liu studied resolutions carefully while Bush and PolCouns explained rationale behind drafts. Liu, commenting first on IQ, felt that legality of modified res could be successfully argued and therefore thought it would be possible to obtain majority for IQ.
With regard DR res, Liu noted absence of ref to SC seat. He asked what happens when others raise this question, and if US thinks [Page 771]final DR will include SC clause. Bush replied that US not so naive as to think SC seat question won’t come up at afternoon meeting and afterwards. However, Bush said, we only intend to present DR res in present form, obtain reactions and report back to Washington. Liu, who referred several times to psychological problems in Taiwan, said blow of DR would be softened if US does not cosponsor and does not support DR with SC clause, but he clearly sensitive to probability of others’ pressure to include SC reference. Bush confirmed that we would have to realistically take this into account.
Liu said he appreciated omission of SC seat in initial draft and that we would face SC questions when they arise. Major question, Liu said, is how we get the votes.
Liu stressed his judgment that tactics very important and that we must obtain priority for both IQ res and DR, rationale being that support for IQ does not guarantee support for DR. If AR is voted on immediately after IQ, Liu argued, many members will think IQ preserves seat for GRC and will abstain on AR. Increase in abstentions might result in AR obtaining two-thirds majority. Newlin said another possibility would be to seek priority for IQ and obtain blocking third against AR. We should seek maximum negative votes on AR. Liu reiterated his feeling that it would be advisable to obtain priority for both IQ and DR. Bush said no tactical decisions, of course, have been made and that we would want to continue to address questions raised by Liu in light consultation with ROC and others. We have no defined script, Bush emphasized.
Returning again to question of SC seat, Liu said Reyes (Philippines) rather perplexed at Rogers’ statements on SC seat. Liu said suppose DR, including ref to SC seat, carries and PRC doesn’t come in. What then is the position of GRC in SC? Newlin said we could argue that this should mean no change in seating, particularly if PRC sent no rep to SC to claim seat. However this matter for future and SC members to decide. GA action would have political impact on SC members. Liu said he recognized majority of UN members believed if PRC comes in, SC seat should go to Peking.
Bush said US prepared make major effort obtain passage of DR res. Bush said arguments have been voiced in such a way as to secure maximum support for our resolutions, whose principal purpose was to secure ROC seat. If, in our consultations, others thought it essential to cover SC seat, we would consult closely with GRC.
After discussion of possible embarrassment Liu’s presence at afternoon meeting might cause him and others, Liu concluded that he should not attend.
  1. Source: National Archives, RG 59, Central Files 1970–73, UN 6 CHICOM. Secret; Exdis. Repeated to Taipei and Tokyo.