387. Circular Telegram From the Department of State to Certain Posts 1

139511. Eyes Only Chief of Mission from the Secretary. Subject: Chirep: US Announcement of Policy.

Please personally convey following message from me to Foreign Minister.
As you know, since the President’s announcement on July 15 we have been in particularly active and urgent consultations with GRC on Chirep policy. The GRC now understands and accepts the need for a new strategy that would involve representation for both ROC and PRC in the United Nations.
The President has decided that in view of this situation and because our continued public silence on this issue may jeopardize any chance of maintaining ROC membership in the United Nations, it is important that we should now publicly disclose our above position in favor of a resolution which would make a proposal to deprive the ROC of UN representation an important question.
Accordingly, at a press conference to be held in Washington probably on August 2 or 3,2 I plan to announce that the United States will support action at the General Assembly to seat the People’s Republic of China and at the same time will oppose any action to expel the Republic of China or to otherwise deprive it of representation at the UN. I will go on to say that our consultations have indicated that the question of China’s seat on the SC is a matter which many nations may wish to address and that we are prepared to have this question resolved on the basis of a decision of the members of the UN.
I would like to express our great appreciation for the advice and assistance which you and your government have given during our past consultations on this exceedingly difficult problem. I strongly hope we will continue to work very closely on this issue in the days ahead.
For London: End Secretary’s message at this point.

Other Action Addressees: Continue with following paragraph:

E. We would appreciate your views on the next steps now to be taken. We have in mind convening as early as possible a meeting of like-minded nations at our UN Mission in New York to seek agreement upon common texts for Important Question resolution and resolution to provide representation for both ROC and PRC as well as upon tactics to be followed.

In conveying above message from Secretary, all addressees should stress fact we are giving advance notice to only few governments and should emphasize utmost importance of safeguarding above information until announcement made.3
For Seoul and Manila: View possibility of Fonoff leaks, Ambassadors at their discretion may convey message to President.
  1. Source: National Archives, RG 59, Central Files 1970–73, UN 6 CHICOM. Secret; Sensitive; Immediate; Nodis. Drafted by Feldman; cleared by Assistant Secretary Green, Herz, and Curran; and approved by Secretary Rogers. Sent to London, Brussels, Manila, Seoul, The Hague, and Bangkok and repeated to USUN, Taipei, Hong Kong, Wellington, Canberra, Tokyo, and Djakarta.
  2. Secretary Rogers’ August 2 announcement is printed in Department of State Bulletin, August 23, 1971, pp. 193–194. The text was transmitted in telegram 139614 to all posts. (National Archives, RG 59, Central Files 1970–73, UN 6 CHICOM)
  3. Telegram 139829 to all posts, August 2, transmitted talking points for use in presenting the U.S. position and answering questions. (Ibid.) Telegram 150259 to all posts, August 17, circulated additional guidance. (Ibid.)