303. Telegram From the Mission to the United Nations to the Department of State1

2749. For the Secretary and Asst. Secys. Green and De Palma. Subj: GRC Interest in Dual Representation Formula.

Summary: At luncheon Oct 26 arranged at initiative of GRC reps, Amb Cheng Pao-nan and Vice Fon Min Yang (protect source), these officials suggested to Amb Phillips that time has come to consider new approach to problem of GRC representation and that it may be necessary to propose a dual representation formula at the 26th GA. End summary.

At initiative of Amb Cheng Pao-nan (GRC rep to UN Office in Geneva) Amb Phillips lunched with Vice Fon Min Yang and Cheng Oct 26. Prior to mtg, Cheng “speaking personally” said he did not know if US had begun to look ahead to 26th GA. While GRC hopes Albanian res wld again not receive even simple majority this year, it was unlikely present tactics cld be maintained beyond present GA.
Requirement, Cheng said, was for some kind of dual representation resolution, the modalities of which would require not only great deal of work but appropriately high-level political attention (i.e. President Chiang Kai-shek). Cheng hinted that diplomatic personnel in FonOff were prepared to think about future. Problem was that decisions taken by President Chiang and it difficult to get full exposition of options laid out to him.
Specifically, Cheng suggested Secretary have short meeting with FonMin Wei before latter leaves for Taipei in late November. He urged Secretary impress on Wei that 25th session was last GA in which Albanian res could be prevented from obtaining simple majority. Therefore, we needed to think of new approach designed to assure continued presence of GRC in UN. Cheng stressed importance of Secretary requesting Wei to report US views carefully to President Chiang.
Cheng made it clear he and Yang thinking about a formula analogous to FRG/GDR situation of two governments representing one state. It very important for GRC to be able to claim it is still legitimate Govt of China (of course, PRC would be entitled to do same). This required in order for GRC to be able to keep Formosa Nationalists in check.
Cheng then urged, after ground had been prepared by Secretary’s message to President Chiang via Wei, that US send high level emissary to Taipei in January or February. Yang later mentioned high respect President Chiang has for Vice President Agnew.
Phillips agreed on need to consider new tactics as soon as Chirep debate concluded. He then asked Cheng’s views on SC seat. Cheng hedged and said this question should be left in abeyance while we proceeded in stages.
Substance of foregoing conversations was later repeated during luncheon at which Vice FonMin Yang also present. It essential that both Cheng and Yang be protected.
Comment: This is first time, in Mission’s experience that senior GRC officials have been willing to discuss modalities and timing of possible dual representation formula. They were also candid re GRC need to style itself as the sole Government of China in order to help keep lid on Formosan Nationalists.
  1. Source: National Archives, Nixon Presidential Materials, NSC Files, Box 299, Agency Files, USUN, Vol. V. Secret; Nodis.