285. Telegram From the Mission to the United Nations to the Department of State 1

32. Subj: Chirep.

Buffum met with Liu (Jan 8) at latter’s request for preliminary discussion Chirep in light 24th UNGA and possibility this issue might arise in SC as result addition of Burundi and Syria. Buffum reported to Liu his conversation with Nsanze re possibility challenge to Chirep credentials (reftel USUN 022)2 and unlikelihood of Syria raising any problems of a procedural character considering her ties with USSR. Liu agreed and also commented that GRC accommodations to Arabs during past year wld be a restraining influence.
After a brief discussion of vote changes in past GA (both agreed Belgium and Chile were expected but that Mauritius and Ghana were unpleasant surprises) Liu and Buffum agreed that LA was area for greatest concern. Liu said that state of US relations with LA has impact on Chirep and he asked if US foresees any more changes in future LA positions. Unlike Africa, LA was area where GRC economic assistance could have little effect, Liu believed. Buffum replied that it was still too early to forecast with precision but that we will develop a systematic appraisal of situation.
Liu’s main concern appeared to be strategy for protecting GRC position in UN. He felt that recent statements by Secy Rogers on US desire for renewed contact with PRC and relaxation of trade and travel restrictions wld have great influence on attitudes of other countries. When US took one step, others want to take three.
Buffum assured Liu that flexibility of US toward PRC in no way affected US policy toward GRC representation in UN. US had not yet completed analysis of 24th GA on this issue and its implications for future. Therefore it premature to decide on specific tactics for 25th session. Liu expressed hope that consultations on Chirep tactics for next fall wld begin earlier, and neither Buffum nor Liu alluded to “Colombian proposal” (Taipei 0126)3 as a possible new tactic.
Comment: Overall impression was that Chinese, despite acknowledgement of continued US efforts on their behalf, are looking for continued reaffirmation of US support for benefit of others and assurances [Page 496]for themselves. VP Agnew’s trip to Taiwan was one such reassurance. Liu obviously hoping for major diplomatic assistance with LAs.
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