278. Editorial Note

During the 1961 UN General Assembly, a resolution sponsored by the United States, Australia, Colombia, Italy, and Japan was approved, making the issue of Chinese representation in the United Nations an “Important Question.” (UN document A/L.372; Resolution 1668 (XVI), adopted December 15, 1961) Items placed before the UN General Assembly that were “Important Questions” (IQs) required a two-thirds majority to pass. A 1962 draft resolution sponsored by the Soviet Union sought to replace the Republic of China in the General Assembly and the Security Council by the People’s Republic of China. This resolution was defeated in the General Assembly on October 30, 1962. A similar resolution, sponsored by Albania, the so-called Albanian Resolution, was rejected in October 1963. See Foreign Relations, 1961–1963, volume XXV, Documents 230 and 274.

On September 17, 1969, the General Assembly agreed to consider another resolution sponsored by Albania and 13 other nations entitled “Restoration of the lawful rights of the People’s Republic of China.” See U.S. Participation in the UN, 1969, pages 59–62.