268. Telegram From the Mission to the United Nations to the Department of State 1

112. Subj: Successor to BuncheBushSYG Meeting Jan 11.

I met SYG 3 PM Jan 11 and specifically asked him “if we find that we can accommodate your wishes, do you plan to fill ‘the Bunche job’ with another nationality?”SYG gave a swift “no”.
I told him we wanted 38th floor presence plus input on political matters.
SYG suggested GA affairs job with political input understood. We discussed possible titles such as “UNSYG for GA Affairs and Special Political Affairs”. SYG rejected this saying it would appear to be vastly expanded US role. SYG then suggested “UNSYG for GA Affairs and Special Affairs”.
We agreed to think about matter more. He is anxious to work something out.
He questioned me on 38th floor presence. I said we had to insist on it. He then mused that if we discussed new job including GA affairs, it could well be on 38th floor since GA people already had offices there. “The man could use the Bunche office and the administrative employees already located on the 38th floor.”
SYG mainly worries about reactions of USSR and PRC. I told him USSR had no complaint with Kutakov already reappointed and further that no other country, particularly those he worried about, once having a senior position would ever give it up.
We had general discussion of type of man.
The matter was left that we would both think more and then get back together. I made clear that no agreement had been made on giving up the Bunche job, only that we wanted to explore a way to accommodate his wishes and ours as well.
General comment: Waldheim still appears stung by press criticism. He is worrying too much about it. He is concerned about financial problems of UN and fortunately appeared concerned over costs of SC meeting in Africa. He is anxious to see President and specifically mentioned preferring to do this before the President’s Peking trip, feeling this would show UN not on “back burner” as far as President’s interest goes.
  1. Source: National Archives, Nixon Presidential Materials, NSC Files, Box 303, Agency Files, USUN, Vol. X. Secret; Exdis.