259. Telegram From the Mission to the United Nations to the Department of State 1

2573. Subject: UNDP.

MISOFF called on various senior officials UNDP this AM for purpose of taking reading on state of program implementation and reaction SYG’s intention replace Hoffman.
It is clear that Hoffman believes he was pressured in announcing timing his resignation by leak to Washington Post day after his luncheon discussion with U Thant. FYI. Hoffman formally announced his resignation to senior UNDP staff on Sept 1 to be effective Jan 15.
CV Narasimhan has announced his intention take over as full-time deputy effective Jan 1, 1972.
Consensus is that Narasimhan expects recommend restructuring HQs to Peterson for submission June 1972 session SC. Speculation is that he will propose combination bureau coordination with present set-up under Stephane Hessel and propose Hessel for combined post.
David Morse has informally indicated that if requested he would be willing continue his work with Technical Advisory Panel.
There is feeling that many of better people are angling for reassignment to staff of new ASYG Paul-Marc Henry in Disaster Coordination. Feeling is that most eminent shift could be Stig Anderson now on detail to OTC if his personal problems can be worked out.
While US access project proposals not jeopardized pro tem, it is generally felt that program implementation at field level largely moving forward on basis of past momentum. Moreover, fluctuations in currency exchanges make it very difficult to rely upon expenditure levels for reasonable guesstimate of implementation rate.
One does not escape feeling that many eyes remain focussed upon action, intention, and indeed wishes, of USG in period of transformation. Obviously, many fervently hope that new administrator will enter on duty with new spark of energy, positive sense of direction, and enough fresh talent to personally give new impetus to organization where morale, perspective, and sense of mission require precisely that.
In answer to Amb. Bush’s direct question at lunch, U Thant stated that to best of his knowledge there was no “flak” or unfavorable reaction to Peterson nomination.
  1. Source: National Archives, Nixon Presidential Materials, NSC Files, Box 301, Agency Files, USUN, Vol. VII. Confidential; Exdis.